heat sensitive shipping

Heat Sensitive shipping?

Below please find important information on your refrigerated product(s).

In many instances, the ice pack included in your package will thaw, melt or sweat during shipping and could feel warm to the touch. You, however, don’t need to sweat!

The temperature maintained in the container is well below the level at which damage could occur and this guarantees that you have received a highly viable product. To ensure this product serves you well through its expiration date, we recommend to continue to refrigerate it after removing from package.

Cooler orders will be shipped Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you place your order on a Thursday or Friday, we will ship it the following Monday, just so it does not sit in a UPS truck over the weekend. We can also overnight an order, if necessary - appropriate shipping costs will apply.

Enjoy your product and have a happy and healthy day!

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